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Vegetable oil is a renewable source of fuel, and unlike petroleum based fuels, can be produced from crops year after year. It is a staple product used by restaurants for frying, however once it becomes dirty, it needs to be discarded. The Ecobus partners with local restaurants to close the energy loop. We collect the waste vegetable oil at no charge to the restaurant and use it as fuel in our diesel engine Ecobus. Local oil donors save on oil disposal fees and have peace of mind knowing that their oil is being recycled along with supporting local education opportunities in their community. This also benefits the Echobus as it keeps fuel costs down allowing us to make our services accessible to small communities across Northwestern Ontario. Additionally, the valuable energy of the oil is used as fuel instead of being lost in a landfill.
If you are a restaurant owner and are interested in becoming an oil donor, please contact us to set up a meeting.