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The goal of The EcoBus’ programs is to make environmental education and field trip opportunities easily accessible to teachers and students. The EcoBus arrives at your location fully equipped to provide full, and multi-day cross-curricular school based field trips.  Schools can earn points towards their Ontario EcoSchools certification, and fulfill their 2007 Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow Ministry of Education Policy requirements, as well as fulfilling curriculum requirements.
The EcoBus’ school-based field trips are offered to elementary and secondary schools across Northwestern Ontario. Programs are focused on environmental education and renewable energy concepts. There are a range of subjects covered in each program, and all activities take place on board the EcoBus, outdoors in schoolyards or in a local green spaces close by.
The goal of the EcoBus is to provide students with a unique and active learning opportunity that focuses on key aspects of the local environment and renewable energy options, while covering required curriculum material.  We hope to inspire students and challenge them to make change in their community. Activities are fun, hands-on and active.
The EcoBus is currently accepting bookings for Spring 2015.  Book soon to reserve your spot.
The EcoBus wants to support our local schools as much as possible and make it easy for teachers to get their students outdoors, while checking off curriculum requirements.  EcoBus programs are more than just a fieldtrip for your students. Our programs support Ontario EcoSchools certification and fulfill your schools 2007 Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow policy requirements.  Our programs qualify your school for points towards Ontario EcoSchools Curriculum, Environmental Stewardship and Energy Reduction certification criteria.  For more info about EcoSchools Certificaiton and your schools Environmental Education policy documents check out the links below

The EcoBus is available to communities in Northwestern Ontario, west of Thunder Bay to Kenora and east of Thunder Bay to Geraldton and Wawa.
Once the EcoBus receives 4 to 5 booking requests for a region a visit will be scheduled and confirmed. A request can be made at anytime. If your school is in a remote location, the EcoBus will do its best to secure other bookings in your area so that a visit can be scheduled.  All bookings are tentative until the week has been fully booked. A signed booking contract is required to secure the date of confirmed programming.
For quality and safety reasons, the EcoBus has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 30 students per program.
The EcoBus provides programs in rain and snowy weather. Many programs take place outside so it is important for teachers to prepare their students for a day outdoors. Teachers are provided with information regarding proper dress and preparation of students for rainy and snowy conditions. Programs may need to be moved into the classroom or gym on days when weather is extreme.  In some cases an alternate date will be scheduled.
Program cancellations must be received by phone or email no less than three weeks prior to booking date. If a program cancellation is received within three weeks of the booking date, a $100 cancellation fee will be charged.
 In the event that the EcoBus is unable to present a program due to extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be issued if an alternate date is not available.

Mammals in our Community                                   Suggested Grade Level JK-1
Through interpretation and props participants discover that the animals living in their community depend on each other and interact with the habitat around them, just like humans.  Students learn about tracking local species and create their own animal scene using real life replicas.
Life in One Square Foot                                           Suggested Grade Level JK-2
In this sure to thrill program, students get up close and personal with ants and mealworms, looking at and investigating real live ant formicaries and mealworm terrariums.  From there students go on the hunt for invertebrates living in their schoolyard.  This program captivates students’ curiosity while opening their minds to the great diversity of organisms that live around us.
Who needs worms?                                              Suggested Grade Level 2-3
Students dive deep into the world of worms and learn the important role that they play in the environment and in our food system.  Students get to investigate a large-scale worm composting system, while completing hands on tasks that help them understand the components of soil.  Students have the chance to build their own mini worm composter to take home.
Rocks and Minerals                                              Suggested Grade Level 4-5
In this rockin program, students become geologists and learn about the properties and classification of rocks and minerals.  Through hands on investigation and practice, students use current geological field testing procedures to identify a sample of rocks and minerals.  Teachers are left with a fun crystal mineral kit to follow up with in class.
What’s up with Waste?                                         Suggested Grade Level 4-5
In an exciting fast paced game, students become miners, farmers and factory workers, working together to build common products from scratch that we use and throw away everyday.
Energy Excitement!                                               Suggested Grade Level 5-6
Students get an interactive tour of the EcoBus and learn how energy is created and stored by the renewable energy systems onboard while discovering the hidden link between them all.  Students become energy experts as they tackle hands on investigation of a renewable energy system of their choice, and weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each system.  Program varies depending on grade level to match the appropriate curriculum level and previous learning.  Grade 5 students look at solar energy, Grade 6 students examine wind energy.
Coming soon!
The Climate Change Game          Suggested Grade Level 7-8
In this interactive program, students are introduced to the four major green house gases and will learn how they keep our Earth warm.  Students will begin to grasp the effects that humans have on our climate and learn how they can contribute to a stable environment.  They will hypothesis and explore how their lives may be altered by climate change.
 Understanding Aquifers                                         Suggested Grade Level 7-8
Students build their own aquifers and learn how they work, why they are so important, and how human actions can affect our drinking water supply.  Students are challenged to think about complex issues like aquifer mining, human rights, fracking, and corporate ownership of water.
With Respect to Water                                          Suggested Grade Level 7-12
In this action packed program, students get their bodies moving and have fun learning about all the different ways that their actions affect the water table and how saving water is more than just turning off the tap.  This program is designed to get students thinking critically, to locate themselves in the global water system and to empower them to make educated consumer choices.  In this program, students are likely to get wet, so it is best suited for spring time.
The Great Canadian Energy Challenge                 Suggested Grade Level 10-12
In this one of a kind program, students learn about the economic, social and political factors that affect the distribution of energy across Canada.  Students work together in teams to purchase, earn and barter for the energy that their province/territory will require throughout the year.  Students are faced with real life roadblocks to acquiring energy and must strategize spending, all while making conscious energy source choices.  This simulation will leave students with a more in depth understanding of the real cost of our energy in Canada.


Pack in the most programs to your visit as possible.  This option gives schools the opportunity to give the most number of students exposure to what the EcoBus has to offer, with short programs fitting into the regular school schedule.
5 x 50 min programs – P/J/I
4 x 75 min programs  – S

Pack in the most programs to your visit as possible.  This option gives schools the opportunity to give the most number of students exposure to what the EcoBus has to offer, with short programs fitting into the regular school schedule.
3 x 50 min programs – P/J/I
2 x 75 min programs – S

1 x 50 min program
1 x 75 min program


Preparation for inclement weather
EcoBus programs are designed to take place outdoors.  In some cases programs can be moved inside, however, the purpose of the EcoBus’ programming is to get students outdoors and moving around.  We ask that teachers prepare their students, parents and volunteers to be outside for the duration of the program.  In the case of extreme weather, ie. lightning or extreme cold, programs will take place inside or an alternative date will be arranged.  In the event of extreme weather, teachers must be able to provide an indoor space or an alternate date will have to be arranged.
For safety reasons, it is mandatory that the teacher and/or supervisor remain with their students for the duration of programs.