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Celebrate Water Week with lots of free learning opportunities in TBay!

There is lots to learn this week about where our water comes from.  Can you answer the following questions?

How does our water get from Lake Superior to our homes?

What are some of the most pressing health issues with our water source?

Who lives in Lake Superior and what is required to keep it safe and protected?

We live beside the largest fresh water lake in the world and everyone should have a good understanding of how our water gets to our homes and how we can maintain a healthy watershed for our community and country.

There is lots of great free learning opportunities this week, including free tours, information sessions and kids activities.  Check out the ecoSuperior website for all the details.

Come check us out at the Baggage Building at Marina Park this Sunday March 22, 2015, as well as lots of other great local organizations. Learn how water gets to out taps and how we can keep our watersheds clean. Lots of activities for kids young and old!



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